Packaging Solutions for Projects of All Sizes

Packaging Solutions for Projects of All Sizes

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3 Decades of Bottle Packaging Experience

Custom Bottle Design is a division of California packaging company Consolidated Design West (CDW). Located in Orange County, CDW has enjoyed more than 3 decades of success working with brands of all sizes across every industry imaginable.

Custom Bottle Design shares the same experienced team as CDW, with a team of bottle packaging specialists at the helm.

Hands-On Customer Service for Businesses Large and Small

Concierge level service is what sets us apart.

Once you become a client, you’re family. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a well-established brand or an emerging one.

We will always work so that collectively, we achieve your goals. We are trained to work under pressure and always strive to make even the inconceivable happen to ensure your brand’s success.

Financing Available for Qualifying Brands

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Full Circle Sustainability For Eco-Conscious Brands

For eco-conscience brands wanting a 100% recycled or partially recycled bottle, jar or container, we have a large inventory of stock and/or custom options available.

There have been huge strides in terms of what’s possible now using different recycled materials – from plastic bottles to coconut husks, bamboo, hemp and more. We work with a number of different accreditation agencies to ensure that when we use specialty material, that it meets the standards expected – whether that is Fair Trade, Recycled, or even Ethically Sourced.

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